Caught on Tape: Runaway Pomeranian Causes Massive Traffic Jam in Portland

Mango, the runaway Pomeranian, safe with her mom.

A pomeranian named Mango gave her owners their fifteen minutes of fame on Good Morning America after causing minutes of pain for Portland-area commuters while she ran back and  across the freeway and dodged her pursuers for a good 15 minutes. It was all caught on tape.


After 15 minutes, Mango finally gave his would-be rescuers a break by running up an on-ramp and into a neighborhood.

By then, the chase had drawn the attention of news photographers and even a TV helicopter crew, when a KATU videojournalist spotted the dog and called animal control.

Dowdy explained to officers that Mango serves as a companion dog for his wife, Linda, who suffered a stroke two years ago. He had brought the dog with him that afternoon to pick up his wife from first day of school at Portland’s Mount Hood Community College.

Animal control officers realized Mango would only stop for Linda. Once she showed up, Mango ran into her arms and the chase was over.

Read the rest of the story and see the video of Mango’s big chase scene here.

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