Service dog illegally barred from restaurant

Restaurant ordered service dog to lobby:

Last month, we posted about a Mississippi schoolteacher who was denied permission to bring her diabetes-alert dog into the classroom. Now comes a similar story from Michigan. Last Saturday night, a restaurant in Cascade Township (outside Grand Rapids) would not allow a disabled veteran to bring his service dog—who wears an identifying vest and carries all the relevant legal paperwork—into the dining room. Humiliated and upset, Frank Eckl and his family were forced to leave. Despite the fact that the restaurant’s actions were a clear violation of the law, which Frank Eckl carries with him on a laminated card, the assistant manager of the restaurant says she’d do it again. You can read the whole disturbing story and Eckl’s letter to local media on

Spruce demonstrates how he retrieves Frank Eckl’s cane after a seizure, during which he often falls.

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