Special Report on the Potential Dangers of Chinese-Made Dog Treats

We’ve posted several times about the ongoing issues with Chinese-made dog treats (see here and here), yet, as this report from WFTX-TV in Fort Myers, Florida, makes clear, no products have been taken off the shelves. That turned out to be disastrous for Robert Sigman and his Goldendoodle, Sami. The dog was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Franconi syndrome, which may have well been caused by toxic ingredients on the treats that unwittingly Sigman fed to Sami.

When Sami was younger, the Sigman’s gave her chicken-jerky style treats; one a day for about a month.

“It looked good, said all-natural ingredients,” he said.

Now Sami’s life span may be cut short, and her quality of life has certainly been diminished by the disease. Watch this special report to learn more, and read the statements from the manufacturers of the treats in question. It seems that the FDA really needs to do something to help pet owners.

Click here to watch the video report and to read the rest of the story.

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