Dogs Taking Flight

Splash Dogs

A canine competitor goes for the gold in a Splash Dogs event.

photo copyright Splash Dogs

A cool story in today’s San Jose Mercury News focuses on a Pittsburg, California-based company that hosts dog-jumping contests all over the country. Splash Dogs is the brainchild of Tony Reed, who got the idea from seeing how far he could get his adopted black Labrador to leap off the dock at the local marina. His company now holds up to 60 contests a year. The competitors run down a 40-foot artificial-turf dock, take off into the air, and then land in water. A special camera captures the jump and measures the distance from the dock to the base of the dog’s tail. Last year’s top dog, a border collie/pit bull mix named Aries, averaged just over 26 feet per jump!

Do you think your pooch has what it takes?

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