Get Your Stinky Dog to Smell Good Again (For Now)

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Summer is here, and we dog owners know what that means: Stinky dog!

Whether it’s because our dogs get wet while swimming, splash in mud puddles, or roll around in…whatever that stuff is…with summer comes stink. Our dog Toby gets so stinky after swimming, we’ve taken to calling him Taleggio Toby. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of smelling Taleggio cheese, don’t.

As nasty as our dogs can smell, it’s really quite easy to get them smelling good again, for a few days anyway. A good washing with a dog shampoo is an easy way that works. Just grab a bottle of dog shampoo from a pet store and then rinse your dog down (OK, this may NOT be as easy for some of us, and our dogs, as it is for others). You can choose to do this in the tub, depending on the size of your dog and its ability to sit calmly for the rinsing. Better yet, take him or her outside on a nice sunny day, on the leash, and give him or her a toy while you rinse with the hose or with a bucket of water. Then, add shampoo, suds the pup up, getting behind the ears well, and around the neck, all over. Then rinse. Prepare to get wet and sudsy yourself.

Repeat in one week.

Or less.

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