Study Finds Dogs Prefer Classical Music

Does your mutt dig Mozart?

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This sure sounds like a silly study, but when you think about the implications for the quality of life of shelter dogs, it starts looking much more important.

“In a four-month study of kennelled dogs’ responses to music, a Colorado State University professor found changes in barking patterns, restfulness, body-shaking and activity were dependent on the genre of song being played. Classical songs ultimately won out, proving so powerful in reducing stress that they even trumped the effect of “psychoacoustic” music designed especially to soothe animals.”

This is great news for those of us wishing to keep our pooches calm, but also for those dogs waiting for their forever home. Veterinary Behaviorist Nicholas Dodman explains:

“When shelter dogs are more relaxed – doing less barking, and jumping and running around – they become more adoptable … So they’re not only having a better time, they have a better chance of getting out.”

It seems especially rewarding that these findings are easily applied at little to no cost. The author must add, she does not feel quite so crazy for always leaving the radio on for her pets when she leaves the house. Click here for the full story.

Have you noticed your dogs respond to certain music in certain ways? Do you agree Classical music has the most calming effect?

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