Tragic tale of abuse has a heartwarming ending

After being thrown off a highway overpass, this beautiful young lab has made a full recovery and found a new home.

photo by HEATHER L. SMITH/Aurora Sentinel

A story that started with horrific animal abuse now has a heart-warming ending. Five months ago, someone threw a young yellow-Lab puppy off an overpass in Aurora, Colorado, and she plummeted onto the highway below, severely tearing the ACL on one of her legs and breaking her canine tooth on impact. As if that weren’t bad enough, she was very nearly run over by five different cars. Luckily, she survived and was brought to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries. Next, the puppy, now named Bonny Kelani by her caretakers, recovered at the Aurora Animal Shelter. After some trials and tribulation, as well as several stints in foster homes, she now has a permanent family, living with Cheryl Conway, spokeswoman for the shelter:

“She’s very easy to get attached to; she is a sweetheart. After all she’s gone through, she still wants to be around people all the time,” Conway said. “She’s constantly putting her head in your lap, and she lays right at your feet. She’s got those big, brown puppy dog eyes.”

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