Video: Tennessee No-Kill Shelter Faces “Sophie’s Choice”

A woman who runs a Tennessee no-kill shelter for dogs that no one else wants is running out of funds. . .and time. Owner of Death Row Doggies Rescue, Deb Ellis, says that she can no longer afford to keep the 50 dogs she has rescued, so she will have to find forever homes for half of them by Friday, or she will have to do what she has long refused to: euthanize the dogs she has saved:

Ellis said more than 25 dogs will be euthanized if she can not find homes for them by the shelters deadline on August 31. “I have to ask myself how can I do that,” said Ellis, “Which ones am I going to pick? and which ones am I going to let stay?”

This case highlights the problem with the concept of the no-kill shelter: if there are not enough people willing to adopt the animals, what happens when the number of rescued dogs gets out of hand? Clearly, more needs to be done to promote the adoption of shelter dogs around the country. Let’s hope that Ellis finds the help she needs before it’s too late.

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To learn more, visit the Death Row Doggies website.

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