Video: Texas Police Officer Shuts Down Highway to Save Small, Lost Dog

Here’s a heartwarming story from Texas about a lost dog and a police officer with a heart of gold. Cujo, a rat terrier, slipped away from his home on Monday and wandered down to a local highway. Then, the skies opened up and rain poured down. This sounds like the opening to a tragedy, but things turned out much differently because Officer Kyle Jones spotted the shivering little dog and knew he had to rescue him.

Jones turned his car around and used it to block traffic on the busy Spencer Highway, just so he could pick up Cujo. He was unaware that one of the stopped motorists snapped a photo of the rescue and put it on, where it was widely seen and shared. Officer Jones is now an Internet hero, as he should be.

Click here for the full story.

Here’s the photo that a motorist snapped of Officer Jones rescuing Cujo.

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