Thanksgiving Treats You Should NEVER Give Your Dog

Print this out for your refrigerator this Thanksgiving!

Photo via Buzzfeed

It is tempting. The family is all together and your four-legged best friend is begging for scraps. Seemingly harmless things can cause sickness or even death in pets.

Here is a partial list that can be printed on your refigerator, go here for the full story and share this list with your friends!

  • Take out the trash immediately to avoid your dog getting into it later.
  • No table scraps or leftovers, especially bones. Soft bones, like those in poultry, can splinter and cause obstructions in your pet’s digestive system.
  • Remember that raw or undercooked turkey can harbor salmonella, which can cause the same disastrous gastrointestinal affects in our pets as it does in us.
  • Onions and garlic have a supporting role in stuffing and other side dishes, but can be dangerous when ingested by our pets, especially cats.

Help keep other pets from getting sick by sharing this with your friends:

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