Remembering the Roles of 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Dogs

In the midst of inconceivable wreckage, a dog works with firefighters.

photo via American Thinker

The online magazine American Thinker today offers a powerful article on the roles that dogs played in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001. When we think of how dogs are used in such situations, most of us picture “live rescue” dogs, those who are trained to find victims buried in the rubble. But highly trained dogs also played vital roles in the recovery of remains, as well as in helping the workers toiling in horrible conditions:

Besides finding pieces of bodies, the dogs served another purpose: therapy. Debra tells the sad story of how hard it was to see the emotions of the firefighters who lost their brothers. “When someone was found, work would stop, and I watched as the tears rolled down the firefighters’ faces. I remember one firefighter who hugged Abby and buried his face in her neck after just finding out a fellow firefighter was found.”

This is powerful stuff, and it serves as an important reminder of how intertwined the lives of humans and dogs are during difficult times.

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Just a few of the dogs and handlers who participated in the recovery of 9-11 victims.

photo via American Thinker

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