The Last Shelter Dog from Hurricane Sandy Finally Has a Forever Home

Bruno’s owner had to give him up after losing his home in Hurricane Sandy.

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Here’s a story that’s perhaps the definition of “bittersweet.” Bruno, the nine-year-old Rottweiler who was the last dog in a shelter for animals displaced by Hurricane Sandy has found a new home. That’s great news, right? Finally, he will be in a loving home, rather than in a shelter.

Here’s the sad part: Bruno’s former owner, Christopher, lost his home in the storm and has had to move away and live in his car to make ends meet. Although he has visited Bruno several times, he was forced to acknowledge that he could care for his best friend and that Bruno would be better off with another family:

“Christopher wanted to make the right choices for Bruno,” said Nassau County SPCA Spokesman Gary Rogers. “Christopher and Bruno said what’s probably their last goodbyes. It’s been a very emotional day.”

Having lost his home and his livelihood, Christopher has now also lost a member of his family. Let’s hope they both recover from the various traumas they’ve endured.

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Bruno’s adoption ends a long chapter of stress for shelters in the region affected by Sandy.

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