The Winning Organization to be Featured in our Catalogs Next Year is….

Canine Companions and

Over the last month, we have asked readers to vote for the next dog-related charity to be featured in the Orvis Dog catalog and be the recipient of an Orvis Commitment matching grant. Both organizations, Canine Companions for Independence and Foundation, had strong support, and we received thousands of votes!

Ultimately, the choice was very difficult. Canine Companions trains aid dogs to assist disabled persons struggling to achieve independence, and Foundation assists shelter dogs and facilitates canine rescues all across the country.

What a hard choice to make, as both organizations are fantastic and worthy of support!

The winner of the voting  as selected by Orvis customers to be featured in Orvis Dog Catalogs next year is…. Foundation Logo

We are thrilled to welcome Foundation to the long list of organizations that have graced the pages of Orvis catalogs over the years. Alongside you, our customers, we look forward to supporting dog shelters and rescue placements in 2012 through the Foundation. Look for more about this exciting partnership in the coming months!

The random winner of the $500 Orvis gift card is Patricia Gleason of Van Nuys, CA. Congratulations, Patricia! You will be hearing from me, soon.

A word about Canine Companions. I worked with them a lot  during this contest and while they did not make it into our catalogs, they will receive a generous donation from Orvis. We also encourage you to do the same at their website

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