UPDATE #2: Dog that Lynn Jones Saved was Not Sick, but Injured

An interview with the veterinarian who treated the dog that baggage handler Lynn Jones refused to allow onto a flight at Reno-Tahoe International Airport last month reveals that the dog was neither sick nor abused. Instead, Dr. Diana Lucree says that the hunting dog, which she identifies as a pointer (but not which breed), suffered from injuries received while hunting. The animal did not appear to have been systematically abused and was, in fact happy. That said, Dr. Lucree is glad that Jones alerted authorities so that the dog’s wounds could be treated:

“She absolutely did the right thing,” Dr. Lucree said. “She showed concern for this animal.”

One wonders why the hunter, who had apparently rented the dog, hadn’t treated the wounds earlier. There are still several troubling aspects to this case, and Jones’s stand to protect this dog have brought many important issues to light.

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