UPDATE: Tech XX, Lousiana State Mascot Dead from Heatstroke

An inattentive worker left the mascot, Tech XX, out in the sun too long and then tried
to cover up his error by saying the dog had run away.

photo courtesy USAToday.net

We posted on Tuesday about
the mysterious case of the missing mascot
, Tech XX of Lousiana Tech University. Initially, the dog’s caretaker, Dr. Patrick Sexton, believed that the dog had just wandered off, and legions of local people formed search parties to find the bulldog. Unfortunately, it turns out that the dog was never missing. Instead, an inattentive worker at the Sexton Animal Clinic had left Tech XX out in the sun too long on Sunday, and the dog died of heat stroke. The employee then tried to cover up his error by inventing the story of the missing dog:

Sexton said the employee has been fired.

“My family, my staff and I are extremely upset at this tragic turn of events as I know the entire Louisiana Tech Family is as well,” Sexton added. “Tech XX was a member of our immediate family and a daily part of our lives for the past four years.

“We are devastated over the circumstances of his passing and there will be a large void in our hearts for some time to come. As with any family member, we will spend considerable time grieving his passing.”

This is certainly a sad turn of events, one that highlights the dangers of hot weather for dogs, even those who aren’t trapped in cars. The Louisiana Tech community will hold a memorial service for Tech XX.

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