UPDATE: Loyal Dog Who Stayed with Owner’s Body Gets a New Home

Ozziet, the pet dog of Joshua Laven who was killed riding his bike along Highway 1, is picked up Thursday by Laven’s high school friend Kim Day.

photo by Dan Coyro/Sentinel

Great news in yesterday’s Mercury News about the loyal Cairn terrier-mix dog who stayed with the body of his owner, who had been killed in a hit-and-run accident a week ago. The brave little guy, named Ozziet, has been taken in by a high-school friend of Joshua Laven, who was riding his bicycle with Ozziet in his crate on the back, when they were struck:

“I’ve known Josh since I was 15,” Kimberly Day of Pacifica said Thursday. “I’m happy to take him (Ozziet) – it’s the least I could do.” . . . “All of us are kind of hoping he will go back to Josh’s family,” she said, adding that she believes the eventual reunion would be healing for all.

We hope Ozziet will help Lavin’s family heal and develop new bonds with them.

Josh Lavin and Ozziet in happier times. According to his mother, Lavin was devoted to the little dog.

photo by Dan Coyro/Sentinel

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