UPDATE: Wicca Killed for Being a Pit Bull

Owner Christos Papakosta, says goodbye to Wicca before they part ways.

photo courtesy CBC

On Tuesday, we posted about the case of Wicca, a dog who had been sentenced to die in Montreal for what seemed a relatively minor altercation with a stranger. Attempts to save the dog’s life failed, as she was euthanized yesterday at the Berger Blanc pound. Weeks of legal challenges fell on deaf ears, leaving Wicca’s owner Christos Papakosta grieving. This is yet another case where breed-specific legislation (BSL) allowed for a punishment out of proportion to the “crime.”

The Montreal SPCA is now speaking out about the case and criticizing the way Wicca’s case was handled. It says the animal-control bylaw does not force officials to investigate such incidents deeply enough, and does not consider alternatives to putting down animals.

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