UPDATE: Woman Arrested for 140+ Dogs in a U-Haul Claims She Did Nothing Wrong

Bonnie Sheehan claims that her life has been ruined by the backlash from her arrest.

photo via The Contra Costa Times

Back in January, we posted about a shocking case in Tennessee, where two California women were arrested on Route 40 towing a U-Haul trailer crammed with more than 140 dogs inside. At the time, authorities claimed that the animals were kept in their own filth, and one animal was dead. What made the case especially shocking was that one of the women, Bonnie Sheehan, was an animal rescuer from Long beach, California. She was ultimately charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty and awaits a court date.

In an interview with the Contra Costa Times published yesterday, Sheehan claims that the story has been distorted to make her look bad:

“It’s heart-breaking when people distort the truth,” said Sheehan, who founded the nonprofit Hearts for Hounds and claims to have saved 20,000 dogs.

The irony is that Sheehan said her cross-country trip was an effort to finally get out of the rescue business and embark on a new phase of her life.

Sheehan denies many of the claims made during the original media blitz around her story, yet she also never explains how it is conceivable that so many dogs could be kept humanely and safely in one trailer. She’s even asking for donations to help cover her legal bills.

What do you think?

One thought on “UPDATE: Woman Arrested for 140+ Dogs in a U-Haul Claims She Did Nothing Wrong”

  1. I’m her nephew and I say it’s poetic justice. she hurts family by cutting them out of life and love. Why should she not do the same to poor defenseless animals? There is no excuse for how those animals were inappropriately shipped in my opinion. But then she has always tried to make herself look innocent and the victim. What of the dead or sick animals? they’ve been sentenced to a life of scars and horriffic dreams because of her and her scum ways. Once again I say poetic justice for the family.

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