Update #3: Lily the Blind Great Dane Has Found a New Home

After a bad experience at her previous placement—which led to Lily’s estrangement from her
longtime caretaker, and fellow Great Dane, Madison—Lily is heading to a new home.

photo courtesy the Shropshire Star

A brief blog post from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury offers good news for those concerned about the welfare of Lily the blind Great Dane, whose story we have been following through periods of triumph and tribulation:

Last week, Lily was ‘booked’ (reserved) by a carefully selected, committed new owner, and over the weekend she moved from the centre to her new home. As Lily is blind, adjusting can take some time because the home environment is a more complex one than kennels; we will do another update in the New Year when we have confirmation that she has settled in well to a loving forever home. So far, though, the signs are good, and centre staff are very hopeful.

Let’s hope that this long-suffering dog has finally found the peace she so deserves.

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