Update #4: Lily the Blind Great Dane and Her Friend Maddison Doing Well

Lily (left), a blind Great Dane, and her pal Maddison went through tough times last fall.

photo courtesy rossparry.co.uk

Another brief blog post from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury offers the last bit of news for those concerned about the welfare of Lily the blind Great Dane, whose story we followed closely last fall and winter:

Lily’s new owners say she has settled in very well. She enjoys her walks, and particularly loves playing with her toys. They are full of enthusiasm for their newest family member, saying they “love her to bits”.

Maddison’s owners popped in a Christmas card to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury over the festive season, letting everyone know she is very happy and enjoying life as part of their family.

We are very pleased that both Lily and Maddison have found homes that can give them the attention, love and care they need. We thank their owners for their commitment, and wish them all the best for the future.

You can read the whole saga by clicking these links: Original Post, Update #1, Update #2, and Update #3.

Thank you to blog reader Desdemona, who brought this news to our attention.

One thought on “Update #4: Lily the Blind Great Dane and Her Friend Maddison Doing Well”

  1. This is kind of sad. Lily relied on Maddison. Lily is blind and like blind people, they acknowledge surroundings, sounds, smells, etc.
    When very nice people agreed to take in Lily and Maddison it seems like a perfect story ending. But, Not for Lily, she hears, smells, knows surroundings have changed. I say she turned more into fear of the unknown.
    Think about it, if you know someone with blindness and they walk all around their home and yard freely. BUT, rearrange a chair or table in a room will throw the person totally out of the world they know. People can speak and acknowledge the change.
    The Dogs understand to a degree but this was a total change Lily seemed to be fearful with her entire world being changed. Lily had fallen into distrusting Maddison. (due to human thinking)
    Making it sad for both of them.
    They both ended OK neither was harmed other than their friendship was misguided.

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