Update: Abandoned on a Mountain, Missy to Be Adopted by One of Her Rescuers

Anthoni Ortolani, the man who left his dog, Missy, on a mountainside last month has agreed to allow one of the dog’s rescuers adopt her, as part of a plea deal. The charges of animal cruelty will be dropped, and Ortolani will plead guilty to a lesser violation. In the above video, Ortolani explains his actions, as a way to answer his critics. But, frankly, we’re more concerned about the dog, and her adoption by one of the eight brave climbers who brought her down from the mountain is great news. The rescuer will appear on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” today to talk about their experiences.

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Rescuers carry Missy down from the mountain where her owner had left her for dead.

photo via examiner.com

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