Update: Fiona the Rescue Dog Becoming a Celebrity

After Eldad Hagar posted a new version of Fiona’s rescue video, her story has been picked up by media outlets around the country.

photo by Liz Stavrides

Last week, we posted a video of Fiona’s rescue and rehabilitation by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. Since then, the video has gone global, and the plucky little dog’s story has appeared in such bigtime media outlets as the People Magazine and the Today Show websites. (These links are full of great information, so I recommend reading both stories.) This is obviously great news for Eldad Hagar and Hope for Paws because such exposure will invariably lead to more donations to support the amazing work that they do.

Another great development is that Eldad posted this picture (below) of Fiona with her new family. Contrast her appearance now with the filthy, blind, miserable mop she was when she was found, and you’ll surely feel your heart swell.

Fiona's new family by Liz Stavrinides.

Here’s Fiona with her adopted family, living a life of love and happiness—a far cry from the trash heap where Eldad found her.

photo by Liz Stavrides

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