UPDATE: Maryland Legislature Abolishes Breed-Specific Legislation

Last week, we posted about a special session of the Maryland state senate to address the Supreme Court’s branding of pit bulls as “inherently dangerous” last spring. On Thursday, they voted to give preliminary approval to a new dog-bite law that would hold all dog owners to the same standard:

Maryland has allowed a dog one bite on the assumption that the owner had no way of knowing the dog was dangerous.

The court ruled in a case where a child was mauled by a pit bull, that the breed should be considered an exception to the one-bite rule.

The new bill makes all owners of any dog responsible for any unprovoked bite.

That’s now two states, the other being Massachusetts, in the last few weeks that have reversed the trend of breed-specific legislation that has been the rule for many years. Let’s hope that more states follow this pattern.

Click here for the full story.

Anti-BSL protesters gathered in Annapolis last May to push for this new legislation.

photo by Nayana Davis / Greenbelt.Patch.com

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