UPDATE: Detroit Rapper Charged with Animal Fighting as a Result of Video

A Michigan Humane Society team removes the dog from the property last July.

Last July, we posted about a Detroit rapper, Young Calicoe, who allowed himself to be filmed bragging about a bunch of fighting dogs and roosters in a friend’s backyard. (See that post here.) He even had the audacity (some might say “stupidity”) to mention Michael Vick. Unfortunately for him—but fortunately for the dogs—the video went viral, and the police were called in.

I’m happy to report that Young Calicoe (whose real name is Toranio Hightower) and two accomplices have been charged with conspiracy to gamble, animal fighting, and conspiracy to commit animal fighting. He will be in court today for a preliminary hearing to ensure there’s enough evidence for the case to go to trial. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Click here for the full story.

The backyard where Young Calicoe shot his video is home to dogs on chains and in pens.

photo via NBC news

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