Update: Tanner and Blair One Step Closer to a New Home!

Applications from dog lovers seeking to adopt Tanner and Blair have come in from across the country.

photo via Yahoo

Yesterday, we told you about the incredible story of two dogs who seemed to be lost causes on their own, but who were thriving as a pair. The problem was finding a home for a pair of disabled dogs who must stay together. According to an update from KTUL in Tulsa, however, a new home seems immanent, as applications to adopt Tanner and Blair have flooded in from around the country:

Pam Denny, Vice President of Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue, tells Tulsa’s Channel 8 that they have received numerous applications and inquiries about the pair.

“So we are currently in the process of going through all of these applications,” said Denny. “We are responding to every application received.”

If the applications are local, Denny is personally calling every applicant. Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue’s President, Tom Welin, is responding to every out of state application.

“We are letting people know that adopting a seizure dog, as well as a blind dog, it’s going to be a challenge,” said Denny.

We’ll let you know when we find out where this brave, loving pair ends up.

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