Update II on Lilly, the Dog Who Dragged Her Owner Off the Railroad Tracks

Lilly does some treadmill work as part of her recovery.

photo courtesy MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center

Lilly the pit bull, who saved the life of her unconscious owner by pulling her out of the path of an oncoming train last month, is becoming somewhat of a celebrity. She is doing so well recovering from the injuries she sustained when she was hit by the train that she will be signing “pawtographs” at a movie premier this weekend:

She will embrace the celebrity status that has followed the news of her heartwarming rescue this weekend when she signs her paw print for fans.

Lilly will be available for the signing after the premiere of “Tough Love: A Mediation on Dominance and Dogs,” which starts at 5 p.m. Sunday.

The hour-long film challenges the idea that harsher dog training methods are more effective than training that focuses on positive reinforcement.

If you live in the greater Boston area, click here for all the details.

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