UPDATE: More Details About Lilly’s Heroic Rescue of Her Owner

Dr. Kiko Bracker of Angell Animal Medical Clinic, in Boston, checks Lilly’s heartbeat.
The pit bull is being credited with saving her owner’s life by dragging her
unconscious body off railroad tracks in Shirley, Massachusetts.

photo courtesy Angell Animal Medical Clinic

Yesterday, we posted about the incredible heroics of Lilly, a rescue pit bull who dragged her unconscious owner off the tracks as a train approached. According to Rob Halpin, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as quoted in the Sentinel and Enterprise:

“The engineer, the only witness, told police he saw a dog frantically pulling at a woman as he drew closer. He did everything he could. He heard a thump and thought he hit both.”

The article also reveals that the dog’s owner, Christine Spain, was arrested at the scene and charged with obstruction, walking/riding on a railroad track and animal cruelty. There is also some frank discussion of how Lilly has been helping during Spain’s recovery from alcoholism. Lots of questions raised by commenters are answered here. What an incredible act of bravery, one that shows how powerful a dog’s love can be.

Click here to read the whole story.

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