Video: A Dramatic Dog Rescue in Florida

By now, we should be accustomed to the heroics of animal rescuer Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws in Los Angeles, but this video involves cross-country travel, a team of rescuers coordinating their actions, and a trained veterinarian. It’s like an action movie, but it’s all real. And all of this effort is for one stray dog, named Daisy, who had been dumped by her owner in the Everglades.

This video is uplifting and heartwarming, but it also points to the growing problem of dogs being dumped in the Everglades region of Florida, where they are at risk from disease and predators such as alligators. Once again, we cannot say enough about the work of Eldad and his team. Daisy has a new life because a few people cared about her.

Daisy has gone from being a sick stray in an incredibly dangerous situation to a beloved pet, receiving all the pampering she deserves.

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