Video: More Than 300 Chihuahuas and Shar Peis Rescued from Animal Hoarders in Ohio

Animal rescuers found a tragic scene when they investigated a family-owned kennel in Richland County, Ohio last week. More than 300 dogs, mostly Chihuahuas and Shar Peis, were found in horrifying conditions:

“It’s a pretty tough situation in there. I think it’s hard for volunteers and staff members to see animals in this kind of situation,” said HSUS field responder Jenn Kulina-Lanese.

Kulina-Lanese is one of dozens of rescue volunteers working around the clock since Wednesday when the Richland County Humane Society called for extra assistance.

“Chihuahuas, (there are) three or four to a cage, and we’re trying our best to get them cleaned up and out of this situation as fast as possible,” Kulina-Lanese told Fox 8 News. “Right now we’re trying to alleviate immediate suffering.”

Apparently, this is a case of good breeders gone bad, as the once-well-regarded kennel fell on hard times as its owners grew elderly and unable to keep up with all the work required. A friend of the owners maintains that the kennel was never a puppy mill, but was instead a case of animal hoarding.

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Ohio Rescue Chihuahua

All the rescued dogs must be evaluated by a veterinarian before they can be rehomed.

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