Video: A street Dog Is a Sweet Dog

Here’s a wonderful song and video that promotes the adoption of “street dogs” from around the world. According to songwriter Evan Bliss—who lives in Nicaragua, where street dogs are a big problem:

“Sweet Dog” is the most important piece of music/art I have done to date. I have witnessed first hand how far off our preconceptions about stray/street dogs are and how vital it is to dismantle any misleading “facts.” I was inspired to write, record, and create a video in order to share this idea with the world and to honor such deserving and beautiful animals. My wife opened my eyes to this dire situation, living in Nicaragua opened my mind to the reality of it, and our pride and joy Tila (our rescued stray dog) opened our hearts to sheer beauty that can arise from despair. I love this song and it is my hope that you share this with people that know or need to know about this often overlooked global issue.

This moving video shows what great pets these strays can make, and it argues that there is very little to fear about a dog just because it comes from the streets. This is a powerful message that needs to get more airtime.

Street Dog

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