Video: An Incredibly Heroic Dog’s Life

We have written about a lot of hero dogs on this blog, but hard to imagine any dog—or other animal, or person, for that matter—giving more than Bino did. After service as a drug-interdiction dog, Bino did a tour of duty in Iraq, and then he came back to help train service dogs for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. This is why Bino was the the 2011 Hero Dog Awards’ “Military Dog of the Year.”

Last week, Bino’s handler, Debbie Kandoll, posted a note on the Hero Dog Awards website to announce Bino’s passing:

Today at 2:45pm MT, MWD Bino C152 crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In our two years together, Bino never once asked me for anything. He always asked me what HE could do for ME with his doggy smile. Today, my darling Bino asked me to do the unthinkable: to let him go. I tried to coax and cajole him out of his request, but his mind was set on leaving.

My precious Bino, I loved you enough to let you go with dignity and respect. . . .What else could I do to honor you but respect what you asked of me? My heart is bleeding, my arms are so empty, but I hope I made YOU PROUD by having the courage to do what you asked. You set that example everyday of your life… and because of it, I was able to give you what you requested of me. I will adore you FOREVER, my Handsome Boy!!

Well done, Great & Mighty Warrior!

An amazing life of service should be duly commemorated and celebrated. Bravo, Bino!

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