Video: Stray Dog Follows Cyclists for Over 1,000 Miles Across China

A group of cyclists traveling across China and climbing into Tibet has had an unlikely companion for 24 days of their trip: a stray dog who joined the group after one of the travelers gave her a chicken drumstick. Now the dog—named Xiao Sa and nicknamed Forrest Gump—is an international sensation. She has stayed with the cyclists across more than 1,100 miles, climbing at least 12 mountains:

“At first we didn’t think about adopting her at all,” said 22-year-old cyclist and college student Xiao Yong in an interview with China Central TV. “But we were shocked by her perseverance. She followed us [from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province] to Litang [a town in Sichuan province with a 2.6 mile altitude]. We then decided to make a cage for her when we had a steep road going downhill.”

According to one of her companions, Xiao Sa once ran an astonishing 37 miles, mostly uphill, in a single day. She now lives with her new owner in China, where, hopefully, she can just kick back and relax.

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