Video Report: “Dog Hunting” Subculture on the Rise in Russia

This is one of the most disturbing stories we’ve run across in awhile. Recently, as many as 70 dogs may have been killed by poison left in public parks in the more expensive neighborhoods of Moscow. Russian police have opened a criminal investigation into what they suspect are groups of dog killers, who call themselves “dog hunters.” Apparently, this sick and macabre “hobby” is on the rise in Russia, a country where animal cruelty is rampant:

Dog hunting forums — the most well-known of which are and — are populated by those who call themselves “volunteers” and provide graphic photos of their trophy killings. The sites require extensive registration and identification processes for participants.

“It’s a whole community. They have websites,” said Lesovets, an event manager. “They write how they kill them, post photographs, tell you which poison is better and where to buy it.”

Of course, there are millions of dog lovers in Russia, as well, and they are concerned that there is not enough enforcement of animal-abuse laws on the books. Anti-dog-hunting groups have sprung up in response to the threat.

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Dog Hunting

Vera Lesovets holds photographs of her dog, Yasha, who was poisoned during a visit to a local park.

photo courtesy UPI

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