Video: Is Vigilante Dog-Rescue Group a Good Idea?

The Dogmatic from Lance Oppenheim on Vimeo.

Here’s a remarkable video about a group of Florida dog lovers, called 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, who put themselves in great danger to rescue both abandoned dogs in the Everglades and those being held in abusive conditions elsewhere. Unlike the videos from Eldad Hagar that we frequently post, this one involves elements of danger and lawbreaking. The word that immediately comes to mind is “vigilantes,” and this raises a few questions about their practices. As you’ll see from the video above

According to the organization’s Facebook page:

400+ dogs and 30 cats have been Rescued by our group in the Everglades area of Florida (Florida City and Homestead and Redlands areas in SE Florida). These dogs/cats have been abandoned by their previous owners and left alone to fend for themselves. Most are starving, full of ticks and at risk for several tick-borne diseases, heart worm, the elements and the wildlife and that is IF a speeding car doesn’t hit them first.

Watch the video above, made by a documentary filmmaker, and then the one below, from a news report. It’s clear that the rescue group is doing lots of good work, but is that tempered at all by their methods? Is it okay to operate outside the law in the name of animal rescue? What do you think?



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