Video: Dog Walking Tips from Christopher Walken (Not Really)

I must admit that I’m a huge Christopher Walken fan, mostly because it seems he can do anything. Sometimes he’s terrifying, sometimes he’s hilarious, and wow can he dance.

So I was immediately struck by these two parodies of dog-walking videos that feature an impression of Walken’s unique voice. The advice offerred is actually pretty sound, too, especially the part about bringing two bags. Then these videos reminded me of a very funny story that the comedian Jay Mohr tells about Walken and dogs, so I included that below. Finally, I looked for a good picture, only to find out that Walken interacts with a dog in his new movie (although, truthfully, he plays a dog kidnapper). It’s synchronicity!

The real Christopher Walken in his recent movie “Seven Psychopaths.”

photo via dogster

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