Video: Dog and Horse are Best Pals

Check out this wonderful video of Herbie the dog and Jabby the horse, who live in New Jersey. According to Dom, the dog’s owner, Herbie is a rescue:

At three weeks old she was emaciated, covered in fleas, and so hungry that she got into something toxic at the shelter. The seizures that resulted landed her at the clinic where a friend of mine was a vet. After working tirelessly to save the bag of bones, my friend took her home and rescued her. Carolyn’s 13 year old son fittingly named her Herbie the Love Bug.

In January, I convinced my roommate to puppy sit while Carolyn went on vacation. Super predictably, Herbie never went home.

Since then, Herbie has grown into a beautiful and loyal dog. She is always up for an adventure and is probably the bravest dog I’ve ever met. This pampered pooch lives the good life and is almost always at my side.

In this great video, Herbie plays with his buddy, Jabby, at the barn. It’s great to see their obvious affection for each other, which is reminiscent of the video of Lucy and Whiskey Brown that we ran back in November.

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