Video: Dogs Heal Childhood Pain

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An elementary school in Charleston, SC is offering an innovative program to Fourth Graders from the organization Healing Species. Every week for the past few months, the students have gotten a visit from a rescue dog named Sadie.

Sadie teaches the children about citizenship and compassion. The success is already apparent, as Principal Brian Agnew reports fewer disciplinarian referrals and increased interest from students in helping others (like those sick in the hospital or soldiers serving overseas). Therapeutic time with Sadie has also encouraged some children to come forward with serious problems – a truly life-changing (and potentially life-saving) effect.

We think of programs with therapy dogs as something for those with known trauma (physical or emotional), but we certainly agree that everyone could use a little “dog therapy” in his life. This is especially true for children who can feel voiceless, and can be inspired to reach out to an adult by the story of rescue dogs who had someone speak up for them and give them help and love. There are plans to expand to two more schools in the Charleston area next semester. Would you be interested in a program like this in your area? Read the full story right here.

Sadie the dog spends some quality time with a Fourth Grade Student


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