Video: Grieving Dog Refuses to Leave Its Companion

A tragic story in Phoenix has touched the hearts of dog lovers around the country, via a photo shared on Facebook. When a female pit bull was killed by a car, her male companion stayed with her on the side of the road for 14.5 hours before city workers came to retrieve the body. The male dog’s devotion to his mate is a display of love and loyalty common among dogs, and it counters the misperception that pit bulls are just vicious biting machines.

The male dog is now in an animal-control shelter being evaluated before he’s put up for adoption:

Rodrigo Silva, an animal control official, told the station. . .that the dog is “a little withdrawn and appears to be very sad.”

“If he continues to show these signs of withdrawal we will place him in a recovery home that can help him with his grieving,” Silva told the Daily Mail.

Some animal lovers who saw the story on facebook are outraged that it took the city so long to recover the body of the dead dog and rescue her mate.

One issue not discussed in the story is that the male dog was wearing a harness, suggesting that there is an owner somewhere.

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