Video: “Halo Vest” Helps Visually-Impaired Dogs

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A pair of friends in Atlanta have come up with a product to make life a bit easier for their visually-impaired furry friends. Dorie Stratton noticed her blind dog Scottie Boy was “just having a hard time navigating, and he’d bump into things, and he’d cry.” Not content to watch the little pup suffer, Dorie called her friend Ellen Burgess, who happens to run an alterations business.

Together, the two developed a prototype “Halo Vest.” The vest includes a soft “halo” that extends around the dog’s head, protecting his noggin from those hard bumps.

It’s touching that these pet parents adopted “special needs” pooches like these, and then even went a step further by coming up with a creative solution to some of their problems. Read the full story here and visit Halos for Paws for more information about the product.

Are there any visually-impaired Orvis Dogs out there? Would this product be useful for them?

A “Halo Vest” customer.


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