Videos: Regular People Doing Heroic Things for Dogs

Lee The Dog Transporter from J.R. Fleming on Vimeo.

I recently stumbled across these two short clips from filmmaker J.R. Fleming, who is working on a full-length documentary called “Guarding Dogs.” The goals of the film are very straightforward:

Guarding Dogs is an upcoming documentary film that strives to raise awareness of all of the wonderful dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes, and the rescuers who devote their time and energy to reaching that goal. It is the film’s mission to not only emphasize the importance of rescue and adoption, but to also influence the way people think about animal companionship; not as an owner/property relationship but rather as a guardian/companion dynamic that encourages respect and reduces abuse and neglect.

As these two clips show, there are many regular people doing heroic things to rescue dogs abandoned by our throwaway culture.

Nancy and Dante from J.R. Fleming on Vimeo.

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