New Texas Law Results in Puppies Being Dumped by Highways in the Dozens

A new law in Texas is resulting in puppies being dumped in the dozen by heartless breeders unwilling to submit to inspections. The video above shows a recent roundup of 51 maltese pups. The police reported the dogs were filthy, but healthy and that an investigation is ongoing.

A new law took effect September 1 in Texas. The state began requiring breeders to obtain a license by undergoing inspection.

“If their breeding operation is not within the guidelines, then they wouldn’t be issued a license, wouldn’t have the ability to sell the dogs,” said Brooks, “so we believe this release of the animals was to avoid that.”

“It appears to be a breeding operation where someone decided to get out of the business and get rid of the dogs,” Brown added.

She stressed that dumping dogs is illegal. Two animal cruelty investigations are under way, but detectives know the cases are likely linked, Brown said.

“I don’t know if it’s the same one, but it’s a pretty big coincidence if not,” she added.

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