Video: Rescued Pit Bull Pulls Unconscious Owner Off Railroad Tracks to Safety

Here’s a story for all the anti-pit-bull activists out there. Last Wednesday, a pit bull bull named Lilly saved her unconscious owner’s life by pulling her off the tracks as a train barrelled toward them in Shirley, Massachusetts. At the last moment, the dog positioned herself between the train and Christine Spain, taking the full brunt of the impact:

“Lilly was either pushing or pulling my mother off the tracks,” said Lanteigne. “There wasn’t enough time and that just prior to the train making impact Lilly had intentionally gotten between the train and my mother and had taken the hit.”

Spain was uninjured, but eight-year-old Lily suffered sever trauma, eventually losing one of her front legs. David Lanteigne, who had rescued Lilly from a shelter specifically to provide companionship for his alcoholic mother, now realizes that the dog has paid him back in kind. It’s a story that speaks well of a breed—so often vilified for viciousness and brutality—that’s clearly capable of great loyalty and love.

Lily the Hero

Lilly sacrificed her own body to save her owner.

photo via WCVB

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