Video: Policeman Adopts His Paralyzed Canine Partner

In November 2010, Officer John Jorgenson’s police dog, Major, was stabbed four times by a burglary suspect he had pursued. The wound left the dog’s rear legs paralyzed, and he must now use a set of wheels to move around. When Major was officially retired, Jorgenson adopted him.

Although still affected by by what happened to Major, Jorgenson recently began working with a new dog, Otis, and the pair graduated from K9 training this week. Both Major and Otis live with Jorgenson and his family in Blaine, Minnesota. It’s a testament to the bonds of love and loyalty that exist between an officer and his canine partner.

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Officer Jorgenson and Major were on hand as legislators signed a law increasing
penalties for injuring public safety dogs.

photo courtesy Rob Snowhite

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