Video: “Shelter Me” Documentary Coming to PBS

Airing on PBS stations all around the country over the next week or so, “Shelter Me” is a one-hour TV show that offers uplifting stories about shelter pets and their new homes. Hosted by actress Katherine Heigl, the first family-friendly episode of “Shelter Me”

shows how shelter pets are helping our returning war veterans cope with PTSD. We go inside a women’s prison, where inmates train shelter dogs to become service animals for people with disabilities. We also see the journey of two stray dogs, from the day they are picked up on the streets and brought to the shelter until the day they become a beloved family pet. Shelter Me is about redemption, hope, helping others and making a difference.

This looks like great stuff. Katherine Heigl is obviously willing to work all the angles in her goal to reduce the number of dogs who die in shelters each year. Last year, she launched a very not-safe-for-work video and website that take a raunchy, comedic approach to promoting neutering (before you click the link, remember that you have been warned: it’s PG-13 stuff) as a way to spread the word to a demographic who may not be reached by more traditional messaging.

To learn more, find out when the new show is airing on your local station, or buy a DVD, visit the Shelter Me website.

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