Video: Texas Firefighters Bring Dog Back to Life

[Editor’s note: This sad update appeared on the KHOU website just after I posted this story:

“We have heartbreaking news to share about the dog Arlington firefighters saved from a fire on Sunday morning. Leah the Border Collie has died.

Leah was rescued from a burning residence in the 2200 block of Wyrick Court, and firefighters using oxygen tanks worked for an hour to revive her.

Hopes were high after the pet was taken to a vet for recuperation, but Leah took a turn for the worse and was unable to recover.”

While this is, of course, tragic, it does nothing to diminish the heroism of the firefighters involved, and we thank them for their efforts.]

Here’s a wonderful story from Arlington, Texas, where a team of firefighters worked hard to save the life of a dog found limp inside a house ablaze on Sunday. When Leah, a border collie, was discovered in the bathroom of the home, she wasn’t moving or breathing. The firefighters rushed her to the front lawn, where they used a specially designed pet mask to administer oxygen.

“Animals are like people’s kids… we treat them like that,” [Lt. Kevin] Seeton said.

Leah was taken to a vet for a checkup, and Seeton said she is expected to be just fine.

Click here for the full story.

Arlington firefighters came to the rescue of Leah, a Border Collie that had been
trapped by a Sunday morning house fire.

photo courtesy Arlington FD

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