Video: Townsfolk Come Together to Rescue Dog Rescuers

Two years ago, Janna and Marc Preston opened a dog shelter in Nunn, Colorado, and began taking in dogs scheduled to be euthanized. They saved nearly 200 dogs from the death chamber, and helped find new homes for them. But Friday night, it was the Prestons and their shelter that needed to be saved, when a devastating fire destroyed their building.

But if the Prestons believed that their honorable work was unnoticed by their neighbors, they were wrong. The town has rallied to help both the family and the 11 dogs rescued from the fire:

Long before the fire was extinguished efforts were underway by the community to help them.

“You’d have to say love,” Fredericksen said. “I mean everybody just chipped in. The fire chief called his wife and she brought diapers up. Within a day they had a fundraiser planned.”

“Marc’s done a lot for the rescue community [and] for these dogs and it is only fitting that this situation is reversed for him now,” Joe Clingan, Nunn’s Chief of Police, said.

For people who have long been on the giving end of the equation, it’s humbling to be on the receiving end, but it is also a sign of how much the community values the Prestons and their work. A fund has been established for the family at Home State Bank at 3227 S. Timberline Road in Fort Collins. The fund is in the name of Janna & Marc Preston.

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Reggae earned a new name, Lucky, by surviving the fire against the odds.

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