Video: “Useful Dog Tricks 3” by Jesse the Jack Russell

Jesse the Jack Russell is a pretty accomplished little dog. He has his own website, a blog, and some 40 videos on his YouTube page. Here’s the latest demonstration of his skills, in a video called “Useful Dog Tricks 3.” As you can see, he’s a very helpful pup, who serves as an alarm clock, cleaning service, disc jockey, and errand boy. (Who wouldn’t want a dog who could do daily chores?) His owner, Heather Brook, says she spends all her spare time playing with Jesse and teaching him new tricks. It really shows. Check out the videos below for the previous installments in this series.

Heather and Jesse share a special bond.

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2 thoughts on “Video: “Useful Dog Tricks 3” by Jesse the Jack Russell”

  1. Awesome dog tricks! Keep it up! Really, I am impressed from this post. The person who create this post is truly great. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Hello I am trying to reach Jesse owner. I was wondering of she has a video out on how she trained Jesse. I have been searching the web but have not found anything that actually shows the training technique. I am a new parent to a 7month young Malte-poo. She has already tore up my carpet and the undercoat of my couch and my chair. I need help immediately.

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