Video: An Outpouring of Support for a Service Dog in Need

Since Colorado Springs native Karl Hofle returned from his military service in the Persian Gulf, he has suffered from PTSD, severe anxiety, and severe depression. His wife, Sharon, could not seem to help him, but the love of a service dog named Jake has made all the difference. When the 10-month-old airedale got sick, however, it forced the Hofles into a tough spot:

[T]hings took a turn for the worse when the 10-month-old Airdale was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. The Hofles had a choice of either putting Jake to sleep or paying $10,000 for hip replacement surgery, which they could not afford after 9 months of Karl searching for a job.

The Hofles reached out to a local TV station for help, and it came. . .from 37 states and six countries.

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Sharon and Karle Hofle with Jake the service dog.

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