Video of the Day: Roxy’s Last Days

Roxy’s Last Days from Bright Sky Wedding Designs on Vimeo.

Knowing that you’re about to suffer the loss of a beloved dog to cancer is an incredibly traumatic experience, and people deal with it in various ways. Canadian videographer Brent Storm decided to shoot a tribute video in the time he and his dog, Roxy, had remaining. The result is a beautiful valentine to Roxy, who passed away on Monday, two weeks shy of her third birthday. Although Roxy is gone, she lives on in these joyful images.

As you may know, Orvis has been working with the Morris Animal Foundation, which has funded more than 100 canine-cancer studies so far. They have established the Canine Cancer Campaign, an effort aimed at curing canine cancer within a dog’s lifetime—the next 10 to 20 years. To contribute to this effort, visit the Orvis Canine Cancer page.


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