Videos: Our First-Ever Puppy Film Festival!

There’s been quite a bit of sad news on the Dog blog lately, so I thought I’d post something full of absolute joy. And what could be a better way to generate smiles than videos of extremely cute puppies? So here’s the first installment of the Orvis Dogs Puppy Film Festival, featuring six short videos of puppies doing what they do best. The first one, above, is a day in the life of Ellie, and 8-week-old mini Dachshund with a huge personality. Enjoy them all!

Here’s another 8-week-old, Bently the bulldog. He seems to have a lot to say.

This video follows Zoey, an Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, as she goes from 8-weeks-old to 2 months old.

10 Corgi puppies can sure create a lot of chaos.

This little Frenchie does a great turtle imitation, as he tries to roll over.

Much like the first President Bush, this 7-week-old Pomeranian puppy seems to hate broccoli.


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